Executive Team

Dave Leichtfuss

President and Founder Broadview Mortgage, Since 1988

Dave started in the mortgage industry over 40 years ago, and has personally weathered the dramatic ebbs and flows of the industry. Under Dave's leadership, Broadview Mortgage has grown into a thriving and well-capitalized Mortgage company with a sterling reputation. Dave grew the company by following simple rules: offer fair pricing, affordable products, and treat people well. A trained CPA, Dave began cultivating the long-term relationships that created the foundation for Broadview Mortgage early in his career. Self-effacing and pragmatic, Dave often reminds his colleagues that he is a 'bean-counter', a perspective that still serves the company well. Devoted to his faith and to his church, Dave and his wife, Kathy, live in Villa Park. They spend their free time with their family, including two grown daughters and their husbands and grandchildren, in a neighborhood not far from where they themselves each rode their bikes as children.




Margie Olver

Vice President-Financial Controller

With Broadview Mortgage since 1998, Margie began working in the mortgage industry at 17 years of age, and by the time she was 23, was promoted to VP of a mortgage company. “I learned every detail of the mortgage business by doing,” she says. Her talents captured the attention of Broadview President, Dave Leichtfuss, a CPA himself, and Dave personally worked with Margie to fine-tune the systems they use in her current position as Financial Controller for the company. Margie takes great pride in serving the people and community where she herself grew up and where she has raised her children – her dream was to stay close to home, and indeed, her two teenage sons were born in the same hospital where she was delivered, St. Joseph’s Hospital.“I love my work – I plan on retiring here!”




David Steven

Vice President-Information Technology

David has been with Broadview Mortgage since 2001, and now is Vice President of Information Technology. He graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in Business Administration, Information Technology.“Through my department, we create and fine-tune systems so that our company as a whole performs more efficiently. We want to empower each employee to perform at their best. We are problem solvers, and our goal is to leverage technology to enhance processes and create better work-flow.”David strives to model and maintain work-life balance. “I see my work as directly related to the family-based ethic of Broadview – at the end of the day, we are here to serve people and their families, including our own.” David looks forward each day to spending time with his wife and two young children.


Tom Schroeder

Vice President, Secondary Marketing

Tom graduated from the University of Redlands with a degree in Economics. He started with Broadview in 2002, in the streamline department. Since 2004, Tom has worked in the secondary marketing department and now holds the title of Vice President, Secondary Marketing. Tom fully enjoys the dynamic quality of his work, and credits the culture at Broadview for allowing him to learn and grow professionally. “Everyone here is empowered to improve themselves,” he says. “The changing landscape of our business is like a puzzle, and the shifting regulatory aspects keep me on my toes. But I sleep well knowing I am helping people in a fundamental way, one that is a key element in building lasting quality-of-life.”




Felicita Kamphuis

Vice President of Operations

A veteran of the industry for 20 years, Felicita joined Broadview in 2005, where she now holds the responsibilities of Vice President of Operations for the company. Felicita greatly values education, and appreciates the emphasis at Broadview on educating both clients and employees. "We care about the long-term well-being of our clients, and of our colleagues as well," Felicita shares, "and that means looking at the big picture. I want everyone to own a home - it matters more than ever, in terms of quality of life."




Rene Ballesteros

Senior Vice President - Operations & IT

After graduating with a degree in Business Administration from the University of San Diego, Rene began his professional career with Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems as a financial analyst. He then worked with Mazda, North American Operations in the Corporate Finance department as a financial analyst and later in the Technical Operations division as Program Manager. He now is Senior Vice President - Operations & IT of the company."Family values are such a vital part of our company culture, and, I believe, the key to our decades of success for Broadview Mortgage."