President's Message

"In business since 1988, Broadview Mortgage is a profitable, well-capitalized, family-owned residential lending company – many of the people we work with, including clients, colleagues, employees and industry partners, I personally have known for over 20 years.

While our industry is more complex and challenging each year, Broadview continues to grow, expanding our service and maintaining our reputation for integrity.

I believe the success of the company is based on simple principles: offer customers a range of products at a fair price; work with good people; and follow the Golden Rule, both to our clients and throughout the real estate industry.

The quality of our employees is the heart of the company. I have always invited ethical people to work with Broadview, and the high standards shared by our management and employees is the cornerstone of the business culture at Broadview.

Community service and involvement is natural to all our Broadview Branches, as our Branch Managers are leaders in their communities, in terms of philanthropy, service, and example. Our Branch Managers have invested significantly in the education of their clients, and the communities in which they serve. I am very proud of this aspect of our company.

We are beginning to integrate more innovation as part of our company growth and branding, both in the communities we serve, as well as within our Broadview offices. Over the past few years, we have fostered close relationships with institutes of higher learning by offering internships to deserving students, and full-time employment to recent top-notch graduates. We are continuing to develop these programs with the goal of attracting the best new talent to the Broadview Team. These young people are the future of our communities, and of our continued growth and success at Broadview.

My vision for Broadview Mortgage is a commitment to delivering a fair product to the customer; to maintaining the trust of our industry partners; to empowering and rewarding our employees; and to ongoing education and service within our communities."

- Dave Leichtfuss, Founder & President