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The Appraisal Process- Refinance

You’ve been in your home a few years now and it makes sense to refinance. However, you still need to have an appraisal and inspection done on your property before you can refinance.

The process for an appraisal on a refinance is similar to an appraisal on a purchase.

The process must be completed by a licensed appraiser. The appraiser will review similar comparable homes within the area to better gauge the value of your property.

What is Supplemental Tax?

Supplemental Tax: What’s the deal?

There is a lot of confusion revolving around the supplemental tax bill. Often, homeowners are unaware they need to even pay the bill and end up not calculating it into their finances. To combat this, we’ve put together a video on the process of supplemental taxes in California. We hope this helps prevent any unnecessary surprises in the future.  Please click on the video below to watch. Enjoy!


Squeeze One Last Vacation this Summer: Explore California


We have branches located throughout California, from Camarillo to La Mesa, so we thought it might be interesting to share some vacation spots throughout California. Since, summer is almost over, we thought these breathtaking spots might give you a reason to squeeze some vacation time in before the end of summer. Or if time is short, plan for next year’s vacation.


Don’t Let Your Cool Bubble Pop! Keep Your Air Conditioner Maintained!

It is extremely important to keep your Air Conditioning Unit maintained to prevent future problems or malfunctions. As the temperature rises, it becomes more and more important to make sure your unit is working properly. You don’t want the bubble of coolness around your home to pop, leaving you exposed to the heat.

Stay Cool this Summer! Beat the Heat with Energy Efficiency

As I am sure you have noticed, it’s been getting hotter and hotter! As summer heat rises so does the price of energy bills across the nation. It’s not cheap to stay comfortable in this heat. However, some quick home improvements geared towards being energy efficient, might not only save you money but help keep you cool while the sun rages outside.


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