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An Open Letter to Potential First Time Homebuyers

Working in the mortgage industry, I thought I knew what it took to get a home loan. I understood the basics, like LTV, PITIA, APR, the CFPB. However, as it turns out, I just understood alphabet soup. For those of you who don’t know these terms just yet, don’t fret, we will arm you with the knowledge you need to achieve the dream of homeownership.

All About the Green in Mortgages

We thought it would be fun to think all about the green in mortgages. So, we made a quick video with everything we could think of that is “green” in a mortgage. If you’ve ever been stuck late at night pondering what exactly is green in a mortgage, ponder no further, we’ve got you covered. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

How a Mortgage and Financial Literacy Affect Teenagers and Young Adults

The teen years are often the first time your kids will start to earn or manage their own money, either through a part time job or an allowance. It’s important to establish good financial habits now as it can pay huge dividends in the future. Teaching your children to be smart about money will not only benefit them in the long run but you as well. While it’s important to talk to your children about their finances, it may often be difficult to find a place to start.


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