Broadview Mortgage 25th Anniversary

Established in 1988, Broadview Mortgage Corporation continues to provide residential loan programs serving all of California. Based in Orange, Broadview represents the epitome of a family owned business, educating and empowering the communities they cater to.

From brokering loans with the support of one branch, one origination office, and eight employees, Broadview Mortgage Corporation is “Steady Eddie” in an industry defined by its typical peaks and valleys. Commencing with two financial savings and loan crises with the help of minority stockholders, events that had the possibility of burdening growth, these trying years of 1988 to 1992 molded the company that is built on mere reputation.

“We’ll be fine if we continue to do what we do really well. Dave is not going to jump on an opportunity just because it is presented to him. He would rather say no to a book of business and yes to the person he has known for years,” says Cindy Wingard, (Retired) Senior Vice President of Operations.

1988, a year of mortgage brokering and minority stockholders, transcended within six years into 1994, VA approval, 1998, Broadview’s first wholesale account, 2000, the first correspondent relationship, 2001, approval to sell loans to Fannie Mae, and 2006 approval from HUD to do reverse mortgages. Relationships go beyond the office and infiltrate the homes of borrowers, the cubicles of agencies and the buildings of investors. The growth of the company in the span of 25 years did not change the simple but dependable foundation of Dave’s success. In an industry that is predicated on its unforeseeable existence, Broadview continues to avoid the exhaustive list of lenders that confront self-implosion with a leadership that prides itself on integrity.

“I believe the success of the company is based on simple principles: offer customers a range of products at a fair price, work with good people, and follow the Golden Rule, both to our clients and throughout the real estate industry,” says Leichtfuss.

A story of success not told from the perspective of money, but the groundwork of honest people and relationships, Broadview Mortgage caters not only to the borrower but also, the employee. With commitment going beyond the buyer, maintaining relationships throughout the real estate industry, specifically in the Broadview office contribute to Broadview’s success. 

“Dave recognizes talent and those that go the extra mile. We are here because Dave wants us to be here,” says Gladie Turner, Vice President of Special Projects.

The pledge to the employee translates into the rapport with the borrower.

“Transactions where the borrower has 20 percent down payment, excellent credit, and high reserves, anyone can do. We work with the individual that has slightly blemished credit and low down payment,” says Turner.

The tag team of experience and relationships allows a small company to afford high volume.

 “Finance real estate - experience, experience, experience and that’s what we have,” says Turner.