Happy Earth Day! 10 Tips to Save Energy this Spring



Happy Earth Day! Earth Day was this past Sunday and we just wanted to cover a few simple things you can do around the house to make a huge difference on energy efficiency. You’ll not only be saving our environment but your wallet too! These tips are all taken from the Department of Energy and Efficiency.

  1. Service your air conditioner. Even easy maintenance like replacing air filters can lower cooling costs by up to 15%.
  2. Open windows. Opening windows allows your house to naturally cool without the use of air conditioner. This is ideal during spring when temperatures are moderate.
  3. Use ceiling fans. Cooling your home with ceiling fans can lower your electricity bill while keeping you and your family comfortable.
  4. Cook outside. Keep the heat out of your home by using an outdoor grill instead of indoor ovens.
  5. Install window treatments. Blinds, shades and films can reduce heat from entering your home when temperatures begin to rise.
  6. Caulk air leaks. Using low-cost caulk to seals cracks and openings in your home keeps warm air out and cash in your wallet.
  7. Bring in the sunlight. During daylight hours, switch off artificial lights and use windows and skylights to lighten up your home.
  8. Set the thermostat. Setting a programable thermostat to a higher setting when you are not home can reduce energy consumption by up to 10%.
  9. Seal ducts. Air loss through ducts can lead to high electricity costs, accounting for nearly 30% of a cooling system’s energy consumption.
  10. Switch on bathroom fans. Bathroom fans suck out heat and humidity from your home improving comfort.


These are just a few quick things you can do around the house to save some green!

Source: Lester, Paul. “10 Energy Saving Tips for Spring.” Energy.gov, www.energy.gov/articles/10-energy-saving-tips-spring.