Race to the Front of the Pack with Broadview's Approved Advantage

Closing a home loan in 15-days almost seems too good to be true. But, with our Approved Advantage program Broadview Mortgage guarantees a 15-business day closing. So, what is Broadview’s Approved Advantage program and how does it give our clients a head start?

Our Approved Advantage program is a fully underwritten approval by the underwriting department that is provided prior to the buyer finding their dream home. It gives our clients the benefit of eliminating unknowns, since the client is already fully credit approved! With the Approved Advantage program, we only need an appraisal, escrow, and title to be able to close within 15-business days. Our Advantage allows our clients to also compete with cash buyers. It also eliminates stress during the transaction and lets you remove loan contingencies on Day 1. *

Now, you might be thinking that sounds a lot like a Pre-Approval but it’s not quite the same. Our Approved Advantage takes it one step further and provides a shortcut to closing. A Pre-Approval is a complete analysis of your income documentation, but, it does not take the extra step of having an underwriter review your documentation.

Both a Pre-Approval and our Approved Advantage program are useful for getting a head start on the loan process. But, our Approved Advantage is like the carpool lane; it’s a faster way to reach the same goal.

Broadview’s Approved Advantage puts our clients to the front of the pack, especially if there are multiple offers on a property.

Jump to the front of the pack, get our Approved Advantage!

*We recommend leaving appraisal and inspection contingencies in place when writing offers.