More than a Toy - Hope in a House

Every year, Broadview Mortgage takes part in an annual toy drive in the hopes of making the holidays a little more special within their local community. Broadview joyfully donated toys to Western Youth Services, a local outreach charity. For those not familiar, Western Youth Services per their website aims to promote “advancing awareness, cultivating success and strengthening communities through integrated mental health services for children, youth, and families.” The children ages 0-14 typically come from a tramatic experience, usually centered around a home environment. Broadview Mortgage also saw an opportunity to donate their stock of Blue House Piggy Banks towards a good cause. Broadview donated over 200 Blue House Piggy Bank in the hopes of shifting the childrens' negative views of a home into somewhat of a more positive light. These piggy bank houses can be used as a financial saving tool for the older kids or even a fun toy to hold for those kids who are still quite young. It can even act as a conversation tool when their youth workers are trying to get the children to trust and open up to them. 

Broadview Mortgage, as a local lender, has contributed to countless charities in the past and will continue to do so in the future in order to better our local community.